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Dear Member,


Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting of the Association held on 26-05-2014 at Central Phoenix Club, Ambala Cantt: -


  1. Report on Trade Fair GLOBAL LAB EXPO-2014 given by Mr. Amarjeet Singh (IPP). It was decided to hold the exhibition in collaboration with NSIC, Considering that marketing is the weakest link in the whole process, a budget of max. Rs. 4 Lacs was approved for marketing of the event in Governing Board.
  2. Report on Table Directory of ASIMA given by Mr. Amarjeet Singh, IPP.
  3. Discussed on workshop of 3-D Printer at M/s. Advanced Mircodevices, Ambala Cantt.
  4. Discussed on workshop of Analytical Instruments and it was decided to contact the experts from M/s. Labtronics, Panchkula to guide the members regarding working of Analytical Instruments on 3rd June 2014 at Central Phoenix Club, Ambala Cantt.
  5. Report on setting up of community college at S.D. College, Ambala Cantt given by Mr. Ashwani Goel (PP)
  6.  Report on SUBSIDY to be reimbursed by Deptt. Of MSME-DI, Govt. of India, Delhi for Kenya Trade Fair given by Mr. Ramesh Nagpal, President.
  7. Discussed on purchase of Printer for Association office work and it was decided to purchase a Printer for office work of the Association.
  8. Report on audit of accounts of ASIMA given by Mr. Jatinder Sehgal, Treasurer.
  9. Discussed the Excursion Trip of ASIMA and it was decided to take a two-day trip in the month of August.


Members present at Governing Board Meeting 26-05-2014: -


Mr. Ramesh Nagpal, Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr. Jatinder Sehgal, Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Mr. Vikram Singh, Mr. Rajneesh Goomer, Mr. Satish Kumar, Sh. K.L. Verma, Mr. Ashwani Goel (PP), Mr. Jagjit Singh, Mr. Brij Mohan Singla, Mr. Ashwani Goel, Mr. Vipan Sarin, Mr. Subhash Bansal, Mr. Rama Kant, Mr. R.K. Raheja, Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Mr. Amit Bansal, Mr. Ankit Jain, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Mr. Gaurav Soni, Mr. Udai Kumar.



Minutes of last meeting proposed by Mr.


Minutes approved by Mr.


Thanking you.


Yours truly,


Sanjay Gupta

(General Secretary)