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Dear Member,


Minutes of the Governing Board Meeting of the Association held on 28-04-2014 at Central Phoenix Club, Ambala Cantt: -


  1. Report on Trade Fair GLOBAL LAB EXPO-2014 given by Mr. Amarjeet Singh (IPP). It was decided to hold the exhibition in collaboration with NSIC, Considering that marketing is the weakest link in the whole process, a budget of max. Rs. 4 Lacs was approved for marketing of the event in Governing Board.
  2. It was also approved to print Table Directory of ASIMA and take few advertisements for this.
  3. The names of the members, who joined ASIMA were announced and names who have not deposited the annual subscription were also announced.
  4. Discussed with meeting with Principal and staff of S.D. College regarding setting up of community college. It was decided that Association will co-operate with the college in this project and name of Sh. Subhash Bansal, Sh. Naresh Kumar, Sh. Puneet Gupta and Sh. Vipin Sarin were suggested for this.
  5. Report on meeting with Director, MSME-DI, Karnal regarding collaboration for GLOBAL LAB EXPO-2014 was given by Mr. Amarjeet Singh (IPP).
  6. Discussed on SUBSIDY to be reimbursed by deptt. Of MSME-DI, Govt. of India, Delhi for Kenya Trade Fair. It was unanimously resolved that Association should study the project from all legal angles regarding Income Tax, Tax deduction at source (TDS), service Tax all other have points and only then it should proceed further. Also it was informed that Association is not liable to get the SUBSIDY from Govt. of India. If it is received, it shall be sent to participating exhibitors after charging a suitable amount towards expenses of liasioning and charging of fee by CA.
  7. It was decided to get the accounts of ASIMA audited for the year 2013-14.
  8. Discussed on Service Tax No. of Association.


Members present at Governing Board Meeting 28-04-2014: -


Mr. Jatinder Sehgal, Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Mr. Rajneesh Goomer, Sh. K.L. Verma, Mr. Ashwani Goel (PP), Mr. Jagjit Singh, Mr. Brij Mohan Singla, Mr. Naresh Kumar, Mr. Vipan Sarin, Mr. Mukesh Chopra, Mr. Subhash Bansal, Mr. B.B. Sharma, Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Mr. Sanjeev Dhiman, Mr. Pranay Choudhary, Mr. Alok Sud, Mr. Puneet Gupta.



Minutes of last meeting proposed by Mr. Jagjit Singh


Minutes approved by Mr. Rajneesh Goomer


Thanking you.


Yours truly,


Sanjay Gupta

(General Secretary)